Ceramic Foam Filters

ceramic foam filter type image

Ceramic foam filters are also called ceramic filters for foundry in some countries. It is a very important type of foundry filters in the molten metal filtration history. Basically there are 3 different filters listed below. 

  • Glass fiber
  • Strainer(honeycomb extruded filter)
  • Ceramic foam filter

As the first and second generation foundry filters, glass fiber and strainer(also called extruded filter) are still in the application in foundries today. Compared to glass fiber and strainer, ceramic foam filters are widely used in precision casting because of its better compressive strength, higher temperature resistance, excellent non-metal inclusion removal property, the capability of converting turbulence to laminar flow and good thermal shock resistance. It can be divided into 3 different categories according to the material content and the application. Silicon carbide based ceramic foam filter is mainly used for grey iron, ductile iron, copper molten metal filtration. The three-dimensional structure can obviously remove the non-metal inclusion during the casting process. The big inclusion particles are blocked and captured by the pores and small size inclusion is adhering to the surface of the filter itself. 

Normally, the refractory temperature of the ceramic foam filters  varies according to different applications.

  • Silicon Carbide Based-For Iron Casting: 1,500 ℃ (max)
  • Zirconia Based-For Steel Casting: 1,700 ℃ (max)
  • Alumina Based-For Aluminum Casting: 1,200 ℃ (max)

Ceramic Foam Filter Thermal Shock Resistance Testing

Thermal shock resistance is one of the most important properties of ceramic foam filters. Nobody knows it is good or bad only from its looking. In this video, you can see how this property is tested in our lab. There’re mainly 2 cooling methods during testing, natural air cooling and fast water cooling. The latter is much more strict to ceramic foam filters thermal shock and other properties.

  1. Put ceramic foam filter into 1100℃ kiln for 2 minutes.
  2. Put it into room temperature water directly.
  3. Check if there are cracks on the surface of the filter. 
  4. It can pass only if there are no small cracks recognized by eyes.

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filters Specification / Technical Data Sheet

Silicon carbide ceramic foam filter specification
  • Color: light grey
  • Pore Size: 10ppi-30ppi
  • Porosity: >=80%
  • Bulk Density: 0.4-0.5 g/cm3
  • Compressive Strength: >=1 Mpa
  • Thermal Shock Resistance: 3 times (1100 degree C air cooling)
  • Casting Refractory: <1460 degree C
  • Dimension Tolerance: length, width OR diameter (-1.5mm, +0.5mm) , thickness(-1mm,+0.5mm) OR per request
  • Application: grey iron, ductile iron or SG iron, copper, aluminum molten metal filtration

Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filters Packaging and Packing

  • Inner Box: cardboard tray
  • Outer Box: neutral corrugated carton
  • Carton Size: 470x395x265 mm (LxWxH)
  • Pallet: non-wood pallet
  • Pallet Size: 
  • 1240x1000x120 mm-Standard
  • 1240x 500×120 mm-Small
  • Ctn/Plt: 42 ctn/plt(6ctn/layer x 7 layers)-Standard Pallet
  • 12 ctn/plt(3ctn x 4 layers)-Small pallet
  • Standard Pallet Dimension: 1240x1000x1975 mm(42 ctn)
  • Measurement: 2.45CBM/plt(Standard)
  • 1×20’FCL: 10PLTS/24.5CBM
  • 1×40’FCL: 20PLTS/49.0CBM
SiC BasedSiC D90*22-30ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn16030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D90*22-20ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn16020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC D90*22-10ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn16010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D90*20-30ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn17630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D90*20-20ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn17620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D90*20-10ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn17610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*22-30ppi8.8 kg/ctn10.8 kg/ctn17630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*22-20ppi8.8 kg/ctn10.8 kg/ctn17620ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC D80*22-10ppi8.8 kg/ctn10.8 kg/ctn17610ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*20-30ppi8.7 kg/ctn10.7 kg/ctn19230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*20-20ppi8.7 kg/ctn10.7 kg/ctn19220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*20-10ppi8.7 kg/ctn10.7 kg/ctn19210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*15-30ppi9 kg/ctn11 kg/ctn26430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*15-20ppi9 kg/ctn11 kg/ctn26420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*15-10ppi9 kg/ctn11 kg/ctn26410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*14-30ppi8.9 kg/ctn10.9 kg/ctn28030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*14-20ppi8.9 kg/ctn10.9 kg/ctn28020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D80*14-10ppi8.9 kg/ctn10.9 kg/ctn28010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*25-30ppi11.9 kg/ctn13.9 kg/ctn24030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*25-20ppi11.9 kg/ctn13.9 kg/ctn24020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*25-10ppi11.9 kg/ctn13.9 kg/ctn24010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*22-30ppi12.1 kg/ctn14.1 kg/ctn27630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*22-20ppi12.1 kg/ctn14.1 kg/ctn27620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*22-10ppi12.1 kg/ctn14.1 kg/ctn27610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*20-30ppi11.9 kg/ctn13.9 kg/ctn30030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*20-20ppi11.9 kg/ctn13.9 kg/ctn30020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*20-10ppi11.9 kg/ctn13.9 kg/ctn30010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*15-30ppi12.2 kg/ctn14.2 kg/ctn40830ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*15-20ppi12.2 kg/ctn14.2 kg/ctn40820ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D75*15-10ppi12.2 kg/ctn14.2 kg/ctn40810ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*22-30ppi11.4 kg/ctn13.4 kg/ctn30030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*22-20ppi11.4 kg/ctn13.4 kg/ctn30020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC D70*22-10ppi11.4 kg/ctn13.4 kg/ctn30010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*20-30ppi11.4 kg/ctn13.4 kg/ctn33030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*20-20ppi11.4 kg/ctn13.4 kg/ctn33020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*20-10ppi11.4 kg/ctn13.4 kg/ctn33010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*15-30ppi11.7 kg/ctn13.7 kg/ctn45030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*15-20ppi11.7 kg/ctn13.7 kg/ctn45020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*15-10ppi11.7 kg/ctn13.7 kg/ctn45010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*13-30ppi11.5 kg/ctn13.5 kg/ctn51030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*13-20ppi11.5 kg/ctn13.5 kg/ctn51020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D70*13-10ppi11.5 kg/ctn13.5 kg/ctn51010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*22-30ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn36030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*22-20ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn36020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC D60*22-10ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn36010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*20-30ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn39630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*20-20ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn39620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*20-10ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn39610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*15-30ppi10.3 kg/ctn12.3 kg/ctn54030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*15-20ppi10.3 kg/ctn12.3 kg/ctn54020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*15-10ppi10.3 kg/ctn12.3 kg/ctn54010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*13-30ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn61230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*13-20ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn61220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D60*13-10ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn61210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D55*20-30ppi12 kg/ctn14 kg/ctn56030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D55*20-20ppi12 kg/ctn14 kg/ctn56020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D55*20-10ppi12 kg/ctn14 kg/ctn56010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D55*15-30ppi12.6 kg/ctn14.6 kg/ctn78430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D55*15-20ppi12.6 kg/ctn14.6 kg/ctn78420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D55*15-10ppi12.6 kg/ctn14.6 kg/ctn78410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*22-30ppi10.9 kg/ctn12.9 kg/ctn56030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*22-20ppi10.9 kg/ctn12.9 kg/ctn56020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC D50*22-10ppi10.9 kg/ctn12.9 kg/ctn56010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*20-30ppi10.9 kg/ctn12.9 kg/ctn61630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*20-20ppi10.9 kg/ctn12.9 kg/ctn61620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*20-10ppi10.9 kg/ctn12.9 kg/ctn61610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*18-30ppi10.7 kg/ctn12.7 kg/ctn67230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*18-20ppi10.7 kg/ctn12.7 kg/ctn67220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*18-10ppi10.7 kg/ctn12.7 kg/ctn67210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*15-30ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn84030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*15-20ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn84020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*15-10ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn84010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*13-30ppi10.9 kg/ctn12.9 kg/ctn95230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*13-20ppi10.9 kg/ctn12.9 kg/ctn95220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*13-10ppi10.9 kg/ctn12.9 kg/ctn95210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*12.5-30ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn1,00830ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*12.5-20ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn1,00820ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*12.5-10ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn1,00810ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*12-30ppi11.5 kg/ctn13.5 kg/ctn1,08030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*12-20ppi11.5 kg/ctn13.5 kg/ctn1,08020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D50*12-10ppi11.5 kg/ctn13.5 kg/ctn1,08010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D48*20-30ppi10 kg/ctn12 kg/ctn61630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D48*20-20ppi10 kg/ctn12 kg/ctn61620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D48*20-10ppi10 kg/ctn12 kg/ctn61610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D45*11-30ppi12.6 kg/ctn14.6 kg/ctn1,60030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D45*11-20ppi12.6 kg/ctn14.6 kg/ctn1,60020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D45*11-10ppi12.6 kg/ctn14.6 kg/ctn1,60010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D43*13-30ppi11.9 kg/ctn13.9 kg/ctn1,40030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D43*13-20ppi11.9 kg/ctn13.9 kg/ctn1,40020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D43*13-10ppi11.9 kg/ctn13.9 kg/ctn1,40010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D42*12-30ppi11.2 kg/ctn13.2 kg/ctn1,50030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D42*12-20ppi11.2 kg/ctn13.2 kg/ctn1,50020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D42*12-10ppi11.2 kg/ctn13.2 kg/ctn1,50010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*22-30ppi10.6 kg/ctn12.6 kg/ctn85030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*22-20ppi10.6 kg/ctn12.6 kg/ctn85020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*22-10ppi10.6 kg/ctn12.6 kg/ctn85010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*20-30ppi10.7 kg/ctn12.7 kg/ctn95030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*20-20ppi10.7 kg/ctn12.7 kg/ctn95020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*20-10ppi10.7 kg/ctn12.7 kg/ctn95010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*18-30ppi10.2 kg/ctn12.2 kg/ctn1,00030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*18-20ppi10.2 kg/ctn12.2 kg/ctn1,00020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*18-10ppi10.2 kg/ctn12.2 kg/ctn1,00010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*15-30ppi11 kg/ctn13 kg/ctn1,30030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*15-20ppi11 kg/ctn13 kg/ctn1,30020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*15-10ppi11 kg/ctn13 kg/ctn1,30010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*12.5-30ppi10.6 kg/ctn12.6 kg/ctn1,50030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*12.5-20ppi10.6 kg/ctn12.6 kg/ctn1,50020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*12.5-10ppi10.6 kg/ctn12.6 kg/ctn1,50010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*11-30ppi10.6 kg/ctn12.6 kg/ctn1,70030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*11-20ppi10.6 kg/ctn12.6 kg/ctn1,70020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D40*11-10ppi10.6 kg/ctn12.6 kg/ctn1,70010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D38*20-30ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn99030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D38*20-20ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn99020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D38*20-10ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn99010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D33*20-30ppi8.5 kg/ctn10.5 kg/ctn1,10030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D33*20-20ppi8.5 kg/ctn10.5 kg/ctn1,10020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D33*20-10ppi8.5 kg/ctn10.5 kg/ctn1,10010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D30*22-30ppi7.7 kg/ctn9.7 kg/ctn1,10030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D30*22-20ppi7.7 kg/ctn9.7 kg/ctn1,10020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D30*22-10ppi7.7 kg/ctn9.7 kg/ctn1,10010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D30*18-30ppi7.6 kg/ctn9.6 kg/ctn1,32030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D30*18-20ppi7.6 kg/ctn9.6 kg/ctn1,32020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D30*18-10ppi7.6 kg/ctn9.6 kg/ctn1,32010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D30*15-30ppi7.9 kg/ctn9.9 kg/ctn1,65030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D30*15-20ppi7.9 kg/ctn9.9 kg/ctn1,65020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D30*15-10ppi7.9 kg/ctn9.9 kg/ctn1,65010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D150*30-30ppi9.5 kg/ctn11.5 kg/ctn4030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D150*30-20ppi9.5 kg/ctn11.5 kg/ctn4020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D150*30-10ppi9.5 kg/ctn11.5 kg/ctn4010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D125*25-30ppi11.6 kg/ctn13.6 kg/ctn8430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D125*25-20ppi11.6 kg/ctn13.6 kg/ctn8420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D125*25-10ppi11.6 kg/ctn13.6 kg/ctn8410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D100*25-30ppi11 kg/ctn13 kg/ctn12430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D100*25-20ppi11 kg/ctn13 kg/ctn12420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D100*25-10ppi11 kg/ctn13 kg/ctn12410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC D100*22-30ppi11.2 kg/ctn13.2 kg/ctn14430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC D100*22-20ppi11.2 kg/ctn13.2 kg/ctn14420ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC D100*22-10ppi11.2 kg/ctn13.2 kg/ctn14410ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 90*60*20-30ppi12.8 kg/ctn14.8 kg/ctn26430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 90*60*20-20ppi12.8 kg/ctn14.8 kg/ctn26420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 90*60*20-10ppi12.8 kg/ctn14.8 kg/ctn26410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 90*50*12.5-30ppi14.6 kg/ctn16.6 kg/ctn57630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 90*50*12.5-20ppi14.6 kg/ctn16.6 kg/ctn57620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 90*50*12.5-10ppi14.6 kg/ctn16.6 kg/ctn57610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 82*82*22-30ppi11.7 kg/ctn13.7 kg/ctn17630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 82*82*22-20ppi11.7 kg/ctn13.7 kg/ctn17620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 82*82*22-10ppi11.7 kg/ctn13.7 kg/ctn17610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 82*82*13-30ppi11.3 kg/ctn13.3 kg/ctn28830ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 82*82*13-20ppi11.3 kg/ctn13.3 kg/ctn28820ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 82*82*13-10ppi11.3 kg/ctn13.3 kg/ctn28810ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*25-30ppi15.2 kg/ctn17.2 kg/ctn24030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*25-20ppi15.2 kg/ctn17.2 kg/ctn24020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*25-10ppi15.2 kg/ctn17.2 kg/ctn24010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*22-30ppi15.4 kg/ctn17.4 kg/ctn27630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*22-20ppi15.4 kg/ctn17.4 kg/ctn27620ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*22-10ppi15.4 kg/ctn17.4 kg/ctn27610ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*20-30ppi15.2 kg/ctn17.2 kg/ctn30030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*20-20ppi15.2 kg/ctn17.2 kg/ctn30020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*20-10ppi15.2 kg/ctn17.2 kg/ctn30010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*15-30ppi15.5 kg/ctn17.5 kg/ctn40830ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*15-20ppi15.5 kg/ctn17.5 kg/ctn40820ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 75*75*15-10ppi15.5 kg/ctn17.5 kg/ctn40810ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 70*70*22-30ppi14.6 kg/ctn16.6 kg/ctn30030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 70*70*22-20ppi14.6 kg/ctn16.6 kg/ctn30020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 70*70*22-10ppi14.6 kg/ctn16.6 kg/ctn30010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 70*50*15-30ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn60030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 70*50*15-20ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn60020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 70*50*15-10ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn60010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 66*66*16-30ppi13.7 kg/ctn15.7 kg/ctn43830ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 66*66*16-20ppi13.7 kg/ctn15.7 kg/ctn43820ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 66*66*16-10ppi13.7 kg/ctn15.7 kg/ctn43810ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 66*60*13-30ppi12.2 kg/ctn14.2 kg/ctn52830ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 66*60*13-20ppi12.2 kg/ctn14.2 kg/ctn52820ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 66*60*13-10ppi12.2 kg/ctn14.2 kg/ctn52810ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 65*65*22-30ppi14.1 kg/ctn16.1 kg/ctn33630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 65*65*22-20ppi14.1 kg/ctn16.1 kg/ctn33620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 65*65*22-10ppi14.1 kg/ctn16.1 kg/ctn33610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*60*22-30ppi12.8 kg/ctn14.8 kg/ctn36030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*60*22-20ppi12.8 kg/ctn14.8 kg/ctn36020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 60*60*22-10ppi12.8 kg/ctn14.8 kg/ctn36010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*60*16-30ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn50430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*60*16-20ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn50420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*60*16-10ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn50410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*60*15-30ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn54030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*60*15-20ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn54020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*60*15-10ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn54010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*40*15-30ppi14.6 kg/ctn16.6 kg/ctn90030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*40*15-20ppi14.6 kg/ctn16.6 kg/ctn90020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 60*40*15-10ppi14.6 kg/ctn16.6 kg/ctn90010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*25-30ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn38430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*25-20ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn38420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*25-10ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn38410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*22-30ppi15.3 kg/ctn17.3 kg/ctn51230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*22-20ppi15.3 kg/ctn17.3 kg/ctn51220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*22-10ppi15.3 kg/ctn17.3 kg/ctn51210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*15-30ppi16 kg/ctn18 kg/ctn78430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*15-20ppi16 kg/ctn18 kg/ctn78420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*15-10ppi16 kg/ctn18 kg/ctn78410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*13-30ppi16.1 kg/ctn18.1 kg/ctn91230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*13-20ppi16.1 kg/ctn18.1 kg/ctn91220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*13-10ppi16.1 kg/ctn18.1 kg/ctn91210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*12.5-30ppi15.8 kg/ctn17.8 kg/ctn92830ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*12.5-20ppi15.8 kg/ctn17.8 kg/ctn92820ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 55*55*12.5-10ppi15.8 kg/ctn17.8 kg/ctn92810ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*75*22-30ppi13.7 kg/ctn15.7 kg/ctn36830ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*75*22-20ppi13.7 kg/ctn15.7 kg/ctn36820ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*75*22-10ppi13.7 kg/ctn15.7 kg/ctn36810ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*75*20-30ppi13.5 kg/ctn15.5 kg/ctn40030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*75*20-20ppi13.5 kg/ctn15.5 kg/ctn40020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*75*20-10ppi13.5 kg/ctn15.5 kg/ctn40010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*25-30ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn50430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*25-20ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn50420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*25-10ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn50410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*22-30ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn56030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*22-20ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn56020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*22-10ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn56010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*20-30ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn61630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*20-20ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn61620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*20-10ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn61610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*18-30ppi13.6 kg/ctn15.6 kg/ctn67230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*18-20ppi13.6 kg/ctn15.6 kg/ctn67220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*18-10ppi13.6 kg/ctn15.6 kg/ctn67210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*15-30ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn84030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*15-20ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn84020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*15-10ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn84010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*13-30ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn95230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*13-20ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn95220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*50*13-10ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn95210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*30*22-30ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn88030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*30*22-20ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn88020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 50*30*22-10ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn88010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 49*49*18-30ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn67230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 49*49*18-20ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn67220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 49*49*18-10ppi13.1 kg/ctn15.1 kg/ctn67210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 45*45*18-30ppi15.7 kg/ctn17.7 kg/ctn96030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 45*45*18-20ppi15.7 kg/ctn17.7 kg/ctn96020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 45*45*18-10ppi15.7 kg/ctn17.7 kg/ctn96010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 45*45*13-30ppi16.1 kg/ctn18.1 kg/ctn1,36030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 45*45*13-20ppi16.1 kg/ctn18.1 kg/ctn1,36020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 45*45*13-10ppi16.1 kg/ctn18.1 kg/ctn1,36010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*55*22-30ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn64030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*55*22-20ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn64020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*55*22-10ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn64010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*22-30ppi13.5 kg/ctn15.5 kg/ctn85030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*22-20ppi13.5 kg/ctn15.5 kg/ctn85020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*22-10ppi13.5 kg/ctn15.5 kg/ctn85010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*15-30ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn1,30030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*15-20ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn1,30020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*15-10ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn1,30010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*13-30ppi13.6 kg/ctn15.6 kg/ctn1,45030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*13-20ppi13.6 kg/ctn15.6 kg/ctn1,45020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*13-10ppi13.6 kg/ctn15.6 kg/ctn1,45010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*12-30ppi13 kg/ctn15 kg/ctn1,50030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*12-20ppi13 kg/ctn15 kg/ctn1,50020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*12-10ppi13 kg/ctn15 kg/ctn1,50010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*11-30ppi13.5 kg/ctn15.5 kg/ctn1,70030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*11-20ppi13.5 kg/ctn15.5 kg/ctn1,70020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 40*40*11-10ppi13.5 kg/ctn15.5 kg/ctn1,70010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 37*37*12.5-30ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn1,80030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 37*37*12.5-20ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn1,80020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 37*37*12.5-10ppi13.9 kg/ctn15.9 kg/ctn1,80010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 35*35*22-30ppi12.1 kg/ctn14.1 kg/ctn1,00030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 35*35*22-20ppi12.1 kg/ctn14.1 kg/ctn1,00020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 35*35*22-10ppi12.1 kg/ctn14.1 kg/ctn1,00010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 30*30*13-30ppi9.8 kg/ctn11.8 kg/ctn1,87030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 30*30*13-20ppi9.8 kg/ctn11.8 kg/ctn1,87020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 30*30*13-10ppi9.8 kg/ctn11.8 kg/ctn1,87010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 200*200*22-30ppi12.7 kg/ctn14.7 kg/ctn3230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 200*200*22-20ppi12.7 kg/ctn14.7 kg/ctn3220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 200*200*22-10ppi12.7 kg/ctn14.7 kg/ctn3210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 200*120*20-30ppi16.4 kg/ctn18.4 kg/ctn7630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 200*120*20-20ppi16.4 kg/ctn18.4 kg/ctn7620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 200*120*20-10ppi16.4 kg/ctn18.4 kg/ctn7610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*80*20-30ppi15.8 kg/ctn17.8 kg/ctn14630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*80*20-20ppi15.8 kg/ctn17.8 kg/ctn14620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*80*20-10ppi15.8 kg/ctn17.8 kg/ctn14610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*150*30-30ppi12.2 kg/ctn14.2 kg/ctn4030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*150*30-20ppi12.2 kg/ctn14.2 kg/ctn4020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 150*150*30-10ppi12.2 kg/ctn14.2 kg/ctn4010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*150*25-30ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn4030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*150*25-20ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn4020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*150*25-10ppi10.1 kg/ctn12.1 kg/ctn4010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*150*22-30ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn5030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 150*150*22-20ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn5020ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 150*150*22-10ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn5010ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 130*130*22-30ppi10.4 kg/ctn12.4 kg/ctn6230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 130*130*22-20ppi10.4 kg/ctn12.4 kg/ctn6220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 130*130*22-10ppi10.4 kg/ctn12.4 kg/ctn6210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 125*125*30-30ppi10.5 kg/ctn12.5 kg/ctn5030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 125*125*30-20ppi10.5 kg/ctn12.5 kg/ctn5020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 125*125*30-10ppi10.5 kg/ctn12.5 kg/ctn5010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 125*100*22-30ppi14.9 kg/ctn16.9 kg/ctn12030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 125*100*22-20ppi14.9 kg/ctn16.9 kg/ctn12020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 125*100*22-10ppi14.9 kg/ctn16.9 kg/ctn12010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 120*120*30-30ppi16.3 kg/ctn18.3 kg/ctn8430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 120*120*30-20ppi16.3 kg/ctn18.3 kg/ctn8420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 120*120*30-10ppi16.3 kg/ctn18.3 kg/ctn8410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 120*120*22-30ppi17.1 kg/ctn19.1 kg/ctn12030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 120*120*22-20ppi17.1 kg/ctn19.1 kg/ctn12020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 120*120*22-10ppi17.1 kg/ctn19.1 kg/ctn12010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 120*100*18-30ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn14430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 120*100*18-20ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn14420ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 120*100*18-10ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn14410ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 115*75*22-30ppi15.9 kg/ctn17.9 kg/ctn18630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 115*75*22-20ppi15.9 kg/ctn17.9 kg/ctn18620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 115*75*22-10ppi15.9 kg/ctn17.9 kg/ctn18610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 110*80*20-30ppi15.2 kg/ctn17.2 kg/ctn19230ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 110*80*20-20ppi15.2 kg/ctn17.2 kg/ctn19220ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 110*80*20-10ppi15.2 kg/ctn17.2 kg/ctn19210ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 110*70*15-30ppi15.6 kg/ctn17.6 kg/ctn30030ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 110*70*15-20ppi15.6 kg/ctn17.6 kg/ctn30020ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 110*70*15-10ppi15.6 kg/ctn17.6 kg/ctn30010ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*75*22-30ppi16 kg/ctn18 kg/ctn21630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*75*22-20ppi16 kg/ctn18 kg/ctn21620ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 100*75*22-10ppi16 kg/ctn18 kg/ctn21610ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*50*22-30ppi14.3 kg/ctn16.3 kg/ctn28830ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*50*22-20ppi14.3 kg/ctn16.3 kg/ctn28820ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 100*50*22-10ppi14.3 kg/ctn16.3 kg/ctn28810ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*100*25-30ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn12430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*100*25-20ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn12420ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 100*100*25-10ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn12410ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*100*22-30ppi14.3 kg/ctn16.3 kg/ctn14430ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*100*22-20ppi14.3 kg/ctn16.3 kg/ctn14420ppi grey-iron regular-size
SiC BasedSiC 100*100*22-10ppi14.3 kg/ctn16.3 kg/ctn14410ppi regular-size sg-iron-ductile-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*100*20-30ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn15630ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*100*20-20ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn15620ppi grey-iron
SiC BasedSiC 100*100*20-10ppi14 kg/ctn16 kg/ctn15610ppi sg-iron-ductile-iron

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    Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter Specification / Technical Data Sheet

    zirconia ceramic foam filter specification
    • Color: light yellow
    • Pore Size: 10ppi-20ppi
    • Porosity: >=80%
    • Bulk Density: 0.8-0.9 g/cm3
    • Compressive Strength: 1.5 Mpa
    • Thermal Shock Resistance: 3 times (1100 degree C air cooling)
    • Casting Refractory: <1700 degree C
    • Dimension Tolerance: length, width OR diameter (-1.5mm, +0.5mm) , thickness(-1mm,+0.5mm)(size<100 mm)
    • diameter (-2.5mm, +0.5mm) , thickness(-2mm,+0.5mm)(size>=100 mm)
    • Application: carbon steel, SS steel or steel alloy

    Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filters Packaging and Packing

    • Inner Box: cardboard tray
    • Outer Box: neutral corrugated carton
    • Carton Size: 540x380x290 mm (LxWxH)
    • Pallet: non-wood pallet
    • Pallet Size: 1150x1150x120 mm(Standard)/1240x500x120 mm(Small)
    • Ctn/Plt: 36 ctn/plt(6ctn/layer x 6 layers)/12 ctn/plt(3ctn x 4 layers)
    • Standard Pallet Dimension: 1150x1150x1860 mm
    • Measurement: 2.46CBM/plt(Standard)
    • 1×20’FCL: 10PLTS/24.6CBM
    • 1×40’FCL: 20PLTS/49.2CBM
    Zirconia BasedZr D90*25-20ppi16.2 kg/ctn18.2 kg/ctn12020ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D90*25-10ppi16.2 kg/ctn18.2 kg/ctn12010ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D90*22-20ppi16.1 kg/ctn18.1 kg/ctn13520ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D90*22-10ppi16.1 kg/ctn18.1 kg/ctn13510ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D80*20-20ppi11.5 kg/ctn13.5 kg/ctn13520ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D80*20-10ppi11.5 kg/ctn13.5 kg/ctn13510ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D75*25-20ppi11.3 kg/ctn13.3 kg/ctn12020ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D75*25-10ppi11.3 kg/ctn13.3 kg/ctn12010ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D75*22-20ppi11.2 kg/ctn13.2 kg/ctn13520ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D75*22-10ppi11.2 kg/ctn13.2 kg/ctn13510ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D70*25-20ppi17.7 kg/ctn19.7 kg/ctn21620ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D70*25-10ppi17.7 kg/ctn19.7 kg/ctn21610ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D70*22-20ppi15.5 kg/ctn17.5 kg/ctn21620ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D70*22-10ppi15.5 kg/ctn17.5 kg/ctn21610ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D60*25-20ppi13 kg/ctn15 kg/ctn21620ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D60*25-10ppi13 kg/ctn15 kg/ctn21610ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D60*15-20ppi13.2 kg/ctn15.2 kg/ctn36620ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D60*15-10ppi13.2 kg/ctn15.2 kg/ctn36610ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D50*25-20ppi13.4 kg/ctn15.4 kg/ctn32020ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D50*25-10ppi13.4 kg/ctn15.4 kg/ctn32010ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D50*22-20ppi13.2 kg/ctn15.2 kg/ctn36020ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D50*22-10ppi13.2 kg/ctn15.2 kg/ctn36010ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D50*15-20ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn44420ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D50*15-10ppi11.1 kg/ctn13.1 kg/ctn44410ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D100*25-20ppi16 kg/ctn18 kg/ctn9620ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr D100*25-10ppi16 kg/ctn18 kg/ctn9610ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 75*75*25-20ppi14.3 kg/ctn16.3 kg/ctn12020ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 75*75*25-10ppi14.3 kg/ctn16.3 kg/ctn12010ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 75*75*22-20ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn13520ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 75*75*22-10ppi14.2 kg/ctn16.2 kg/ctn13510ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 55*55*25-20ppi20.6 kg/ctn22.6 kg/ctn32020ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 55*55*25-10ppi20.6 kg/ctn22.6 kg/ctn32010ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 50*75*25-20ppi23 kg/ctn25 kg/ctn28820ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 50*75*25-10ppi23 kg/ctn25 kg/ctn28810ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 50*50*25-20ppi17 kg/ctn19 kg/ctn32020ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 50*50*25-10ppi17 kg/ctn19 kg/ctn32010ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 50*50*22-20ppi16.8 kg/ctn18.8 kg/ctn36020ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 50*50*22-10ppi16.8 kg/ctn18.8 kg/ctn36010ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 150*150*30-20ppi24.1 kg/ctn26.1 kg/ctn4220ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 150*150*30-10ppi24.1 kg/ctn26.1 kg/ctn4210ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 150*150*22-20ppi22.7 kg/ctn24.7 kg/ctn5420ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 150*150*22-10ppi22.7 kg/ctn24.7 kg/ctn5410ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 125*125*30-20ppi16.7 kg/ctn18.7 kg/ctn4220ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 125*125*30-10ppi16.7 kg/ctn18.7 kg/ctn4210ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 100*100*25-20ppi20.4 kg/ctn22.4 kg/ctn9620ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 100*100*25-10ppi20.4 kg/ctn22.4 kg/ctn9610ppi carbon-steel regular-size ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 100*100*22-20ppi20.2 kg/ctn22.2 kg/ctn10820ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy
    Zirconia BasedZr 100*100*22-10ppi20.2 kg/ctn22.2 kg/ctn10810ppi carbon-steel ss-steel steel-alloy

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      Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter

      Regular Specification Details

      alumina ceramic foam filter data sheet

      Alumina Ceramic Filters For Foundry-Technical Data Sheet

      • Color: white
      • Pore Size: 20ppi-50ppi
      • Porosity: >=80%
      • Bulk Density: >0.4 g/cm3
      • Compressive Strength: >0.6 Mpa
      • Thermal Shock Resistance: 2 times
      • Casting Refractory: >1200 degree C
      • Dimension Tolerance: 
      • A: A ± 3mm
      • B: 50 ± 2mm) 
      • C: <=5 mm
      • Angle a: 90°± 0.5°
      • Angle b: 17.5°± 0.5°
      • D-d: <1% x A
      • Application: aluminum molten metal filtration

      Alumina Ceramic Filters For Foundry Packaging and Packing

      • Inner Box: neutral corrugated carton
      • Outer Box: neutral corrugated carton
      • Pallet: non-wood pallet
      • Pallet size: it depends on the order quantity