About us

If you are looking for a high-quality foundry filters manufacturer or supplier in China. You should get to know us. Jincheng Fuji New Material Co., Ltd was registered in 2000. We only specialized in ceramic filters for over 15 years. The main products are silicon carbide based, alumina based, zirconia based, and extruded filters, which are widely used for molten metal filtration in foundries all over the world. ISO 9001: 2015 certificate compliance. You MUST know Foseco, Lanik, SQ, FCRI, now it’s the right time to know us. We’ll be your reliable, trustworthy supplier

Who We Are?

  • Jincheng Fuji New Material Co., Ltd.
  • Registered in 2000 
  • Paid-up capital RMB 44 million(USD 6.28 million). 
  • ONLY specialized in manufacturing casting filters
  • Manufacturer and trading combo based on central of China.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.
  • 15+ years experience.
  • We have our distributors and customers in 12 countries/regions.
ISO 9001 certificate

Ceramic Foundry Filters Manufacturing and Sampling

ceramic foam filter factory

Factory Overview

ceramic foam filter presentation

Metal China Exhibition

ceramic foam filter workshop


ceramic foam filter sample

SiC/Zirconia Foundry Filters Sample

Polyurethane foam

Raw Material

10ppi/20ppi sample comparison

Why Choose Us?


Best Supplier

To ensure the foundry filters quality. We only work with brand raw material manufacturers and suppliers from Germany, Belgium, like Foam Partner, Recticel, Elkem material, etc.


Quality Control

The quality control covers the whole procedure from raw material, storage, production procedure, semi-final products, packaging, final products, and delivery.


One of Them

You have the choices of numerous professional, knowledgeable casting filters vendors committed to serving their clients. We feel we’re one of them.


Free Sample

Free samples are available for testing. Please submit the form below for free ceramic foundry filters sample requests.


On-line Quote Form

We have put an online form with regular casting filters specifications and more details. Click GET A QUOTE to check it.

Customer Feedback

We don't want to say much about the ceramic foundry filters' quality. You can see our customer comments about us.

Write to us if any inquiries about casting foundry filters.