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Mullite/Cordierite Based Casting Iron/Copper, etc Molten Metal Filtration

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As one of the professional ceramic foam filter manufacturers in China, the factory started its business early back to 2000 almost 20 years ago. When the owner Mr. Li talked about the story of this business, he said there were not so many suppliers and competitors in the market at that time, especially in China. To be frank, it was a very tough road for our company at the beginning. As you know, the manufacturing of ceramic foam filter was not easy or even a quite difficult task for a beginner. The quality consistency issues were the main challenging as there is no tested quality control standards, experienced technical engineers, and skilled workers. The manufacturing process cannot be controlled very well then. So the quality problems troubled us for a long time till 2005. After 20 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, we’re proud to say we’re ready to provide you with quality products and better service now.

iron casting with foundry filters

The Exhibition&Show Events

We’re so happy to be one of the ceramic foam filter factories to provide our clients different products with reasonable prices, professional solutions, and fast lead time. There are a lot of exhibitions and shows for foundry raw material, refractories technology, surface heat treatment all over the world every year. The exhibitions and shows are a good chance to meet face to face and understand your requirements very well, an amazing trip to explore the different cultures of this world, a party to meet old and new friends. Although the COVID-19 outbreak occurred,  we’ll make it finally. Hope all of you stay safe and see you soon.

Main Products

Silicon carbide based ceramic foam filter is one of regular molten metal filtration material for cast iron/grey iron, SG/ductile iron, copper, aluminum, different metal alloy, etc. Its color is grey or light grey depends on different formula. The application temperature is up to 1460 degrees.

  • Cast iron/Grey iron: 20ppi
  • SG/Ductile iron: 10ppi

Zirconia based ceramic foam filter is light yellow color and pouring temperature up to 1700 degrees. It is widely used for steel molten metal casting filtration as its better compressive strength, higher refractory temperature and thermal shock resistance property. 

  • Carbon steel/SS Steel/Steel alloy
  • 10ppi, 20ppi

Alumina based ceramic foam filters are the main casting filters for the manufacturing of aluminum ingot and extrusion billet in aluminum industry. The regular sizes include 12″, 15″, 17″, 20″, 23″. It is white color and refractory temperature is about 1100 degrees.

  • With Gasket/Chamfer
  • Porosity: 20ppi-50ppi

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Over 15 years of experience in the ceramic foam filter industry, we have our end customers, distributors in many countries and regions such as China mainland, Taiwan, South Korea, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Thailand, India, Pakistan, etc. We’re looking forward to working with more foundry raw material distributors. Please feel free to reach us

Hyundai Sungwoo Metal is manufacturing high quality, high class, and high-performance aluminum alloy wheels through our design capabilities, casting technologies, differentiated manufacturing technique, and independent technologies, ranked as one of the best in the world “

CMW was established in 2005 under the Taiwan CMI Group is the automotive parts and precision machining industry leader. The company, which manufactures critical automotive components such as brake assemblies, average annual sales of $100 million with 55% of its products sold domestically, and 45% to North America and Japan. Fuji has been working with CMW for more than 6 years as one of their foundry filter suppliers. 

LIOHO MACHINE WORKS, LTD. is cooperation from Taiwan with many members unit in mainland China. LIOHO manufactures iron casting parts, aluminum wheels parts, die casting parts, and energy-saving parts for their customers all over the world. Fuji supplies ceramic foam filters to LIOHO’s members unit in China for a long time. We’re proud to work with them as one of their suppliers.

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